How effective is Fungalor for foot mycosis? The whole truth about creams

Why is mycosis of the feet considered to be the face of modern civilization?

According to the statisticians, mycosis (micotoxin) affects about 20% of the working population every year. This is, every fifth man in the world suffers from foot mycosis.

The danger of miose is that it causes not only cosmetic and aromatic agility. As a result of the whole skin damage, foot mycosis helps bacterial infections to enter the body. In addition, studies of scientists have shown that microosis hinders the flow of other diseases such as diabetes and asthma. The foot mycosis also brings about increased sensitization of the body.

Fungalor is a therapeutic agent for the treatment and prevention of foot mycosis, reduction of perspiration, renewal of the nail and skin tile structure.

Product Form: Ointment for external use. The effect is based on the combined effect of antifungal, vitamin E and essential oils.

Fungalor: Displays

The results of research and conclusions of specialists confirm that Fungalor effectively destroys fungal infection, prevents re-infection, restores damaged skin and nail plate structure.

Located in the farnezol preparation reduce sweating, removing the environment favourable for mycosis.

If you are suffering from foot mushroom mycosis and want to quickly and reliably get rid of this unpleasant and even dangerous disease, Fungalor can be useful. Thanks to its comprehensive action, the product provides a quick cure and reliable prevention of mycosis.

Of course, in addition to the therapy it is necessary to follow leg hygiene, use slippers in the pool, avoid tight footwear, otherwise the treatment can take much longer.

Fungalor consists of components that provide a comprehensive effect: – Fungalor

Klimbazol. Effective antifungal preparation, which destroys affected cells, prevents the formation of new fungal colonies, deprives swelling. It is the main antifungal component.

Farnezol. An ingredient that “turns off” sweat glands and reduces sweating. It also inhibits the activity of bacteria that cause unpleasant odours. It has an antiseptic and softening effect. It gives a pleasant floral aroma.

Vitamin E. It softens and nourishes the skin, removes exfoliation, restores natural and healthy appearance.

Essential oils. They remove inflammation, provide natural skin and nail regeneration, provide a pleasant fragrance.

Thanks to the combined effect of Fungalor components, it has a complex effect, removing both the basic problem (i. e. mycosis) and all its symptoms. Climbazole provides a safe destruction of fungal infection, vitamin E and essential oils restore damaged skin, stop itching and itching, and farnesol reduces sweating and unpleasant smell.

Components in the Fungalor composition do not cause allergic reactions. All active substances combine without side effects.

Of course, it is only possible to guarantee the safety of Fungalor therapy if the user carefully follows all instructions and the product is not outdated and bought from an official manufacturer (i. e. it is not a counterfeit).

It is best to buy Fungalor on the official manufacturer’s website. Some customers want to save money and order Fungalor on various questionable websites or online shops. As a result, they get a low quality product that can sometimes damage their health. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you buy only the original product on the official website.


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